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I am

Ungi Kim, a software engineer. or +82 10-9922-1318

I had experienced in

Data Engineer at Balance Hero, Feb 2017 - Nov 2019

Seoul, Korea - India-based South Korean fin-tech startup

  • Designed and implemented the whole Big data pipeline with batch processing
  • Developed PySpark application for aggregation that easily used by analyst and developer
  • Designed and implemented the KDS consumer
  • Built a Apache Zeppelin Interpreter for Amazon Athena
  • Written queries to transform data for further downstream processing

Software Engineer at Balance Hero, May 2016 – Feb 2017

Seoul, Korea - Developing True Balance

  • Designed and implemented the event based promotion service
  • Designed and implemented the user service
  • Worked with AWS to reduce infra management

Intern at Netmarble Games, Dec 2015 – Feb 2016

Seoul, Korea - Internship as part of the Netmarble recruitment 2016

  • Developed multi-user mahjong game

Software Engineer at Saerom C&C, April 2010 – Feb 2013

Seoul, Korea - Worked as a substitute of mandatory military service

  • Developed a web server framework adapting the MVC pattern by PHP5
  • Maintained web sites overseas e-commerce service GEOPASS and eBay Auction

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